Overview of the surgery:
Filler injection
Over recent decades, there have been major advances in biotechnology that
have driven the development of numerous filler substances to physician
armamentariums to successfully approach hard cosmetic problems with a
soft technique. The currently available fillers have effects that may last from
months to years. Filler substances are primarily utilized to restore volume
loss and to reform desired contour of face and body thus they are applicable
to treating wrinkles and loss of subcutaneous volume resulting from a
variety of causes as well as augmenting structures and camouflaging shape
defects. To properly use these substances to achieve the maximal cosmetic
improvement while minimizing the risks of complications, the physician
must have an in depth knowledge of fillers used, filler-tissue interaction,
aesthetic concept, human anatomy and the changes that occur as the
patient ages. Filler choices in our clinic are Restylane lips,  Radiesse smile
lines ,  Sculptra mid face , PMS forehead lines, Aquamid lip desfinition
and Bio alcamid cheek injection.
Filler injections are most often done using either numbing cream or local
anesthetic to minimize patient discomfort. Indications include correction of
facial wrinkles, lipo-atrophy, lip augmentation, nose reshaping, facial
contouring, etc.