Eyelid crease reconstruction

Overview of the surgery:

Eyelid crease reconstruction

For those who wish to have or redefine their upper eyelid crease to compliment the face, eyelid crease reconstruction can be performed safely without damaging any eyelid functions. The surgery involves setting a new crease at a favorable position then attaches the new crease to a muscle that elevates the eyelids. Surgeons can tailor the shape of the crease to fulfill the patient’s desire. This procedure can be done through a short single incision or multiple extra short incisions or a long single incision inside the natural lines of the eyelid skin depending if the goal is just to create crease or to excise redundant skin as well.

Operation Time:

It takes as short as 15 minutes

Type of Anesthesia use:

The surgery is done under local anesthesia

Hospital/clinic stay:

No clinic stay. Patient can go back to the hotel after surgery.

Days to stay in Thailand:

7 days.

Risks and Complications:

Complications are rare; however there are risks associated with any medical procedure. Possible complications include: infection, bleeding (rare) but can cause loss of vision, prominence of the scars, asymmetry in healing or scarring, dryness, decrease sensation in the eyelid, difficulty closing the eyes, or any reaction to anesthesia and in rare instances blindness. You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of your plastic surgeon, both before and after your eyelid surgery.

Recovery Period:

Swelling is very minimal and usually disappears in 15-30 minutes. Patients can wear makeup immediately after the procedure. There may be 1 stitch that should be removed after 3-5 days.

Preparation Prior To Surgery:

  • Medical history assessment (any allergies, serious medical condition and all medications taken both prescribed and non-prescribed), physical examination, and laboratory tests will be performed during consultation.
  • Avoid smoking   for about 3-4 weeks prior to surgery, as nicotine interferes with circulation and will greatly affect healing process.
  • Stop drinking alcohol, a week before the surgery and throughout your recovery period.
  • Taking any medications should be avoided such as hormones, anticoagulants, anabolic steroids and supplements at least 4-6 weeks to prevent complicating medical factors prior to surgery, and also avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding.


Surgical fees for aesthetic surgery are paid prior to your procedures. Costs may vary and depend upon the complexity of the operation, where the surgery takes place and what anesthetic agent is administered.

The payment can be in the form of US dollars, Euro Dollar and Japanese Euro dollar, Japanese Euro dollar or Japanese Jan and we accept credit card (visa, master card, American express) for your convenience.

Booking and reservation:

Booking will be confirmed as soon as you inform us the itinerary flight one week prior to the surgery.

Appointment with the surgeon:

Consultation will be scheduled upon request. We will arrange it once you have already booked for the surgery.